Kit ETILED+ 60 consists of a LED module to be incorporated into the luminaire and a DC adjustable driver, with the entire set having a power of 60W.

ETILED+ 60 modules include 24 LEDs, each one with an associated lens, providing the module with specific light distribution.
ETILED+ 60 comes in several versions depending on the light pattern desired.

Material: Aluminum-copper / Aluminum / PMMA
LEDS: Cree / Nichia / Samsung / Osram
Colour temperature (*): 4.000 K
Nominal luminous flux (*): 6.709 lm
Complete kit efficiency (**): 110 lm/W
Eficciency to 350mA, LED Tc 85ºC (**): 164 lm/W
Module nominal current: 750 mA / 1.500 mA
Reed input voltage: 110-240 VAC
Line frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power factor at Full Load: ≥0,96 / ≥0,96
LED Nominal total power (LED module + driver) / Consumption: 61W / 61 Wh
LED module electrical insulation class: III (con driver SELV)
IP Módule: 66 (optional protection)
Permissible ambient temperature: -30ºC +60ºC
IRC(*): >70

(*) Other currents, IRC, and colour temperatures are possible. Consult with our Sales or Technical Department.
(**) Efficiency datas vary according to the versions and the employed LEDs.