1. Packaging: The indicated prices include the standard packaging and, when necessary, the pallet; any other type of additional protection will be charged separately.

2. Insurance & Shipments: The goods will always travel at the buyers´ risk, even when the delivery is payed by the Company. In the event of damage to, malfunction and/or loss of merchandise due to transport and shipping, this will not exonerate the purchaser from the payment of the invoice or compliance with its obligations.

3. Delivery Terms: Delivery terms are approximated and starting from the day of the Company’s order confirmation, any delay will not entitle the buyer to claim, nor to delay payments or revoke orders.

4. Deliveries & Orders: The Company will deliver the order which net value is over 600,00 Euros free of charge (franco) in Spain. In the rest of the European Union countries this will be subject to previous agreements. The company will not deliver or handle orders under € 150.00.

5. Claims & Returns: The Company will not accept any return not previously cleared by the Company Agent or the Quality Control Department. Any claim must be reported within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. Returned goods will be credited at the 90{682c44000a9f2866c2b31e683fc4b83dbe53d1fcce3f899ca26ddd7e2f11baf5} of the invoice value. Depending on the date of manufacture, older than one year, and conditions of the products, the Company may apply a depreciation comprehended between the 30{682c44000a9f2866c2b31e683fc4b83dbe53d1fcce3f899ca26ddd7e2f11baf5} and 50{682c44000a9f2866c2b31e683fc4b83dbe53d1fcce3f899ca26ddd7e2f11baf5} of the goods original value.

6. Warranty: Products are covered with a two years general guarantee period against any defect on the raw materials or manufacturing, and only for the value of the product it self. The company reserves the right to repair or change the defective items. Returns with unpaid postage will not be accepted.

7. Jurisdiction: For any question or discrepancy, that may arise, both parts expressly agree to submit themselves to the Madrid City courthouses.