Since the year 1964 in which ETI began his activities as associated equipment manufacturer for lighting, the spirit that motivated the company has been the innovation of its products as of its industrial technology. In its 4,000 m2 of facilities, ETI produces completely all their products with a high level of automation in the industrial processes, according to the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The company also has a full laboratory which allows product testing, even those for use and benefits, in addition of having a huge majority of products with AENOR certifications and ENEC licences.

Since 2009 ETI introduces its first new brand, ETILED, exclusively dedicated to LED retrofit, followed by ETIAGRO brand in 2014 and in 2016 by ETILUM brand.

With almost half a century of presence in the market, ETI has been and is a Company that always has been distinguished thanks to its ability to innovate.
Throughout its long history ETI has been the first company to produce and introduce many of ranges that nowadays are considered of common use.
At the current time, ETI is able to export to more than 42 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and America keeping the level of its products, as well as delivery times and after sales services.

ETI founded with the aim of producing ballasts for discharge sodium vapour and halides lamps, products that began their development phase in the market. 1970
Production in assembly lines of ballasts for discharge lamps. 1975
Launch of the electrical units mounted in plates for discharge lamps. 1980
Production of the first electronic ignitors ranges for discharge lamps. 1985
Introduction of the FIRST BI-LEVEL ENERGY EFFICIENCY BALLASTS with the electronic circuit SE and S1. 1990
Start of the production of electronic transformers Line WX and regulators for Halogen of the series RHW. 1995
Start of the production of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps from ETIBAL serie and from emergency auxiliary equipments. 1997
ETI gets its AENOR ER 0089/1997certification. 2000
Start of the UAL “Class 1” compact units production for discharge lamps. New ballast generation for double level. ETI participates in the FIRST EDITION OF FRANKFURT LIGHT & BUILDING. 2004
ETI gets its environment management ISO 14001:2004 certification. 2005
Start of the production and introduction of the electronic ballasts DEBrange for discharge lamps and electronic ballast range multilamps TML for fluorescent lamps. 2006
ETI launches the first whole range of UAL in the versions of Class 2 and all powers. The electronic production adapts to the new RoHS standard. ETI gets its ISO 9001:2006 certification. 2007
ETI launches the OPERA program in the market, a telemanagement and remote 'Point to Point' control systems. 2008
ETI launches the FIRST RANGE OF BALLASTS OF ADJUSTABLE METAL HALIDES ETIMER version and through Command Lines in the market. Also it introduces the electronic ballasts ETIBAL in their versions IP 67 at 110V/120V. ETI gets its ISO 9001:2008 certification. 2009
ETI presents the new range of bi-level CRONOETIMER that auto adjust depending on the duration of the night into the market. A new range of more compact RHW regulators is introduced according to the new regulations EMC/EMI. BEGINS THE PRODUCTION OF THE FIRST LED MODULES 2010
With the new edition of the catalogue ETI introduces for the first time a range of complete products for high power LEDs entering also fully into this market. Also the range of electronic ballasts is completed with the new versions DEB 35W, 70W and 150W and extends the power range in 250/400W and 600W. The Virtual Command Line is introduced on the same level as telemanagement and remote 'Point to Point' control system, a new product range made to simplify efficient public lighting installations. ETI undertakes an adaptation program of all its ballasts for discharge lamps lines to be conform with the new requirements of energetic efficiency of the EUP 1 directive. 2011
Launch of THE FIRST EXCLUSIVE CATALOGUE OF LED MODULES, ETILED®, and of the DUAL-LEVEL version for LED, DIMILED. The modules range extends to the powers 30W, 50W, 60W, 100W and 150W. 2012
Extension of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates for the MANUFACTURE OF LED MODULES. ETI participates for the first time in INTERLIGHT MOSCOW. Supply of Equipment for the Brazil World Cup Stadiums. 2013
ETI launch in the market the new SolarLED. New DIMILED Version 5 steps.ETI installs 20.000 LED modules 2014
ETI ENEC certifies its LED modules. ETI exceeds 100 lm/W in modules (including all losses). Installations are carried out with the supply of Complete Solar Light Points: Pole-Battery-Panel-Streetlight-Module and SolarLED. 2015
Homologation of PC-Amber Module by the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands. Agreement with the CNB-CSIC for the improvement of LED spotlights for horticulture. Launch of the brand ETILUM: manufacture and sale of a finished product of LED technology: Street and Ornamental Lighting, High Power Projectors and Built-in Equipment.