ETI’s ballast is auxiliary equipment which limits the current required for the lamp, includes diverse fixing points to facilitate the mounting of lamps, cabinets, etc. Armoured construction to minimise dispersion flow. Output via plug-in terminals incorporated into a protective lid, which provides the ballast with the characteristic of protection against indirect contact. The ballasts are available in versions Core and Coil, Kit or mounted in plate.




MH= Metal halide.
HPS= Sodium Vapor.
LPS= Low pressure sodium vapour.
MV= Mercury vapour.

Metal haild & High pressure sodium vapour
  • Balasto HM 35W

  • Balasto VS HM 50W

  • Balasto VS HM 70W

  • Balasto VS HM 100W

  • Balasto VS HM 150W

  • Balasto VS HM 250W 3A

  • Balasto VM HM 400W 3,5A

  • Balasto VS HM 400W 4,6A (HM 4,2A)

  • Balasto VS HM 600W

  • Balasto VS 600W/400V 3,62A

  • Balasto VS 750W

Low pressure sodium vapour
  • Balasto VSBP 18W (Baja Presión)

  • Balasto VSBP 35W (Baja Presión)

  • Balasto VSBP 55W (Baja Presión)

  • Balasto VSBP 90W (Baja Presión)

Mercury Vapour
  • Balasto VM 35W

  • Balasto VM 80W

  • Balasto VM 125W

  • Balasto VM HM 250W 2,15A

  • Balasto VM HM 400W

  • Balasto VM 700W